Indiana Fire Code Parallel Page Amendments 2014

This document is comprised of the reformatted Indiana Amendments to the 2012 IFC (International Fire Code). These amendments together with the 2012 IFC form the 2014 Indiana Fire Code.

These reformatted pages are:

-three-hole punched and double-sided.
-printed on pink pastel paper.
-numbered on the bottom of each page.
-designed to be inserted opposite the affected pages.
-designed for use with all printings of the 2012 IFC (errata included).

Instead of going back and forth between the International Fire Code, multiple ICC errata documents and the difficult to navigate Indiana Amendments, you can simply insert these pages into your loose leaf IFC book and have all documents in one place in an easy-to-read format. These reformatted pages also include editorial comments where amendment confusion or errors occur.

Total Pages: 416
Format: Loose Leaf; 3-Hole Punched; Double-Sided
ISBN: 978-0-9860895-1-0

PRICE: $34.99 (+shipping)

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